Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lint Licker

... a month later I am finally writing my second blog. Yep. But I'll make this one short and entertaining. Several months ago an Orbitz commercial came out that I have found to be one of the most creative use of words in an argument. I've shared this commercial with several others and we have all been laughing and quoting it ever since, so now I'll share it with anyone that happens upon this silly blog of mine.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tic Tac....?

Well, hello. My husband has been pushing me for months now to start a blog, and for all of you who know Matt you know he doesn't give up very easily. As for me, I have a tendency to eventually give in to his silly ideas - like this one. I'm not sure if anyone is really going to read the silliness I will have to write, but here it goes.

So, I suppose I should start by explaining the title of my blog, "Anybody Want A Tic Tac?" Since I was a little youngster I've been eating Tic Tac's (specifically the orange ones) - thanks to Grandpa Fjordbak who enabled this habit. As I grew older I still ate my precious Tic Tacs, but tried not to let everyone see how quickly I could go through a little box of those delicious little candy treats. Honestly, not many people know about my love of Tic Tacs. I'm not ashamed of it by any means, but I'm sure laughter will ensue following this new found knowledge the rest of the world now has of me, and that's okay. :) But the story doesn't end here.

Back in May (2007) Matt and our friends Justin and Hannah and I went to Arizona for a week to check out the Grand Canyon, see other parts of the state, and ultimately end the the trip by going to our friend Brian and Krista's wedding in Tuscan. I have a hard time getting my ears to pop on plane rides, so what do I keep in my pocket? That's right. Tic Tacs. Well, I wanted to make sure that everyone else was okay during the flight as well, so every once in a while I would ask if Matt, Justin, and Hannah wanted one. There were always Tic Tacs in my pack (for hiking) and in my purse (for any other time) so throughout the week I would ask "anybody want a Tic Tac?" It became the catch phrase after the week was through. So there it is - the beginning of the Tic Tac series.